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Flying Home Today

So my last day in Australia has come and I have got all my stuff together etc ready to go to airport shortly!

Last night took the dogs to Chelsea beach and I went in the sea, which you can do at 10pm because still easy warm enough. Love this beach deffo one of many things I will miss about Australia.

Looking forward to getting back to England and catching up with everyone, although this year has gone very quickly in some ways it also hit home how important family is too me.

See you all on the other side!!!! xxx

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Plans To Return Home!

sunny 40 °C

Farm work has been complete --- THANK GOD!! Although met some awesome people and got some random experiences of vine training, mulberry packing, apple and pear picking :) I have now got the 88 days of farm work signed off so next thing is to submit it to immigration and hope they accept my application.

Coming to the end of this year visa and it has been a great year but all good things have to come to the end! So flight booked for 25 January and land on 26 January got to hope that they do not get cancelled because of the snow in England that I have heard so much bout. Hoping to stay with my dad for while then head up to Lincoln after so I will repost with more information when I am heading up north.

For my last high in Australia I decided to go down the Great Ocean Road which is around 300kms long. But the roads are very bendy so takes long time to drive but the best drive of Australia the views are just out of this world. There is rainforest one side of you and beautiful beaches and rocks etc the other side. Went to 12 Apostles which is the main attraction to go see however there are several lookouts and rainforest walks etc that can do including London Bridge, where some people got stuck when some of the rocks caved in few years back, glad no one got hurt! & the Otway Fly treetop walk which is walkways going from ground level to above the tallest tree within middle of rainforest! Spent 4 nights in Apollo Bay which is middle of Great Ocean Road so could use it as a base whilst I went exploring.

Been Bush fires in Australia as been days without rain then hot weather with wind - dangerous. so seen a lot of total fire ban days recently and severe ratings on charts. Different culture to think can I go to ..... place oh wait got to check fire danger first! But obviously very important to do so.

Last week here so going to make it best week in Australia! Been creating some scrapbooks with all my adventures in so I dont bore people with over 6000 photos!!

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Christmas & New Year

sunny 40 °C

Christmas Eve went to a friend house for a roast dinner, was really lovely evening. They have a couple of young kids, so the house was very excitable for christmas which was great to see.

Christmas was around the 20 degree mark, which was nice...not too hot and not too cold :) perfect. Went to the beach in the evening and drove along the beach road and found another little beach that do not normally go to which was in a little bay, was very cute!!

Boxing day I was unwell, although not winter here still had a Christmas bug to try and ruin everyones fun!!

Went to the SkyDeck and had a beautiful meal on southbank overlooking the river which was amazing. I love the skydeck, which is a very high building and you go to the 88 floor and look out over the views which just take my breathe away.

Went to the Hanging Rock which is around 1/2 to an hour north of Melbourne. Is $10 to park and then you walk to the Hanging rock and continue to the Summit if you wish. The views from here were again amazing, they were more countryside whereas skydeck more built up areas of Melbourne, so it is nice to see the difference.

For New Year Eve took the dogs to the beach at Chelsea and then went straight to a outside get together at my friend Emma house which was cool to sit outside at midnight and watch fireworks (and try and calm the dogs down!!) as it was warm enough to do so.

Overall a cool but weird christmas and new year! Love going to the beach with the dogs & being able to do that when in England normally are all wrapped up ready to freeze is a crazy experience. I still keep putting jeans and jumper on automatically when get up then realising need less clothing on me as too hot, especially in Mildura where I am doing the farm work.

Today going to be another hot day though...40 degrees! so glad it is not always this hot though, too hot to do anything really!

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December Update

sunny 44 °C

Regarding farm work not much has changed since the last blog, still doing vine training and got to a heat of 44 degrees one day which is just a crazy amount of heat!

Christmas is a weird feeling at the moment as with heat that I am living with daily in Mildura it is crazy to think it is December and that Christmas is coming up. Got an advent calendar, which they do not put foil in - weird!, but a lot of the time the chocolate just melts which is funny. Got some tinsel around the bunk bed and a little 30cm christmas tree up in the room, Also the snow flakes decorations that mum sent in her christmas card are also hanging from the top of my bed :)

Went into the CBD in Melbourne they got lots of christmas decorations up and the shop called Myer, which is like Debenhams, had christmas decorations up like a nativity play but very long queue to get close to seeing the details.

Claire decided that she wasnt too bothered about doing the farm work to get another year visa in Australia as she would have to use it pretty much straight away due to her age, and this wasnt something that she was looking to do! And lets be honest farm work is no walk in the park!!!!
However it is important to me to get another year out here so I need to finish this 88 days of farm work off by the end of this visa to get a chance of another year here. Therefore Claire decided to go back to the UK and spend christmas with her family which i think is very cute :)

One good thing with farm work is getting over fears of insects, spiders etc -- however when a massive spider was crawling up my arm probably was not saying that then! Get to see wild Kanagroos bouncing along on farm or on the roads on way to work. Pretty amazing in my eyes :)

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More Farm Work

sunny 35 °C

The mulberry packing lasted around 3 weeks however only 4-5 days a week. Was good money though being $2.70 per box (2 pound) however one day managed 95 boxes, but oh did i ache!!!!! How the job worked is the pickers would pick the fruit and put it into 9 punnets into a white box. This was transported to the shed by the supervisor of the pickers on a tractor. The white box is weighed to no how much to pay the pickers which was $4.50 per kilo, so really not that much!

Once me, Claire, Jodie (from Bradford) and Mayomi (from Japan) got a white box each and would pick each punnet up check the mulberries were not too red, squishy, over ripe etc then would put them into a clean punnet with labels on and weigh to 139-141grams and then put the lid on. Once got 12 of these this would class as a box. Our backs would be in a lot of pain at the end of the day though as bending over the table to check the berries suggestfully all day!

Now are working on a farm training vine trees. This job is paid per the hour, $14 (8 pounds) however this works out as less pay then the above job, but still a very good wage! Have done 6 days straight with this job so far and it is VERY tiring as in the sun for 8 hours a day with no shade to hide in. However, very good at getting the tan. This Sunday it is meant to be 41 degrees, so glad that got this day off work I can tell you.

The job entails looking at a vine tree to work out which branch can be wrapped around the wire which is at waist height and head height. Then chopping all the excess branches and leaves etc off the vine tree. The younger vine trees which have not grown that high have to pull the shoots off so the growth is aimed to the top of the tree, so it can grow up in other words. Seen at least 10-15 red back spiders per day though, these spiders are one of the more dangerous ones in Australia. So have to be very careful.

The area around Mildura is made pretty much of sand and therefore lots of deserts etc. So on the farm my car struggled to get through the sand and yesterday got stuck a few times and the girls who travel in my car to work had to push! funny to watch though. On way to work one day saw 3 groups of kangaroos jumping across the road, very nice sight, however have to be careful to not hit them as they would write my car off the road for sure.

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