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final days of melbourne


went to eureka sky deck which is the tallest building in Melbourne or something, but gave beautiful views that just took my breathe away! got ticket to go threw the day & then go back at sun set & night. really cool to see it at different times of day.

have investigated the western docklands area where the Australian football stadium is situated, and a little shopping centre.

went for a picnic at the botanical gardens within minutes walk of the cbd area. massive area and very beautiful, apparently there should be a park or Greenland within 10 minutes of anywhere in cbd area. can you see England using that much thought?

went swimming in st kilda sea baths, this is a swimming pool that uses treated sea water, apparently its good for you? was weird experience though :)

travelled by a boat on yarra river for around an hour to get to williamstown which is an oldy worldy kind of place :) full of history. on the boat there, the captain talked threw the different parts of the city going past. including going under 3 bridges that were built long time ago, which were really low, so had to duck under the boat roof height not to bang head on the bottom of bridge. bridges could are listed and therefore can't be changed. apparently one of the many bridges that go over the yarra river was named after a guy who had a lot of convictions on the road, and the bridge was a main road/bridge linking south and north Melbourne! also there is swimming pool in north Melbourne that was named after a guy who drowned! this must be Australian humour :)

went to the moomba festival which was held on and either side of yarra river. this festival was free of charge and was massive! had rides, every type of food you could think of being sold, carnival activities etc. but the best part was the big dawg slalom and water skiing & the bird man competition which is where men dress up in bird costumes & something to help them fly ie wings and jump of a platform for charity. well funny.

went to Albert park grand prix race track, where had the opportunity to walk round/on the track and take photos. crazy experience considering days later famous people would be racing on that very spot.

also went to Philip island :) this trip started by going to a wildlife park where I got to feed a kangaroo and wallaby out of my hand :) went to a beautiful picture perfect beach with lovely blue water. followed by nobbies seal rocks, cowes (main city of island) for dinner and then watched the little penguins (also known as fairy penguins) come out of the sea waves and up on to the beach to their homes. they make a noise which I can only compare to snoring and they were very loud. I'm not sure how many there were that evening but the day before over 1000. they came out of water in little groups and stopped and waited for the group to catch up every now and then. they only grow to max of 33cm tall and weigh between 1-2kg. because of the design of the walkways the penguins were in touching distance :) amazing!
now sat on a countryline train, which is 11-12 hours long to get to Sydney from Melbourne! to start new adventures in new city :)

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feeling more at home


Been in melbourne coming up to 3 weeks now and the weather has changed from thunder storms to heat wave of close to 40 degrees. Apparently this is normal for Melbourne and is known for 4 weathers in one day. That why a lot of English people like it here.

Getting use to the way of life out here, ie jumping on and off trams with out much thought. At beginning it felt weird.

Been up the eureka sky deck 88, was the most amazing thing so far in this trip. Basically a very tall building that u get lift to top to. You can see a lot of Melbourne up there and it is just beautiful.
Went for a day & night package which meant I had the chance to see the view in day time, sun set and night time :)

Also been to Melbourne zoo, that was really big, took hours to walk around. Got to see monkeys, elephants, kangaroos and much more.

Settled down in hostel called coffee palace and feel more at home now found a nice room and friendly room mates.

Also went to Melbourne gaol, an old prison that was used up till 1994. Got to look round the cells and understand about the way people were treated and what punishments could be given for what crimes back in the day. Also accessed me to go to warden house where you get arrested and locked in one of the cells, lights out. Also got made to answer some of questions criminals would get asked ie open fingers and put hands in air ( so cant be hiding anything) and eye colour, tattoos, piercing etc so they could not recgnoise you. Was cool but scary - don't think I'm cut out for bad girls prison!!

Met up with couple of Australians who showed us some cool bars. One was a roof terrace facing the parliament building. Was a very nice view and kinda posh in there. Also section 8 which is a bar made out of an old shipping container place behind some office blocks which would of been used for waste land otherwise.

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adventures in melbourne " the city"

sunny 35 °C

Explored in to the city as they call it around here ( into centre of Melbourne)

Went on the neighbours tour which involved seeing the studio they film neighbours in, meeting Dr Karl Kennedy, visiting ramsay street which in real life is called pin oak street and going to the school that they used in the beginning of neighbours

Also went to Melbourne aquarium which was 3 floors and overlooked the river yarra which is beautiful. Inside I got to see the sharks, penguins, jelly fish and other amazing animals and also got to feed the fish :) this aquarium is amazing compared to anything I've seen in england.

We also went to queen Victoria market which was massive. Lincoln market is nothing compared to it.

The temperature today been 35 degrees and if weather man right then 36 tomorrow!!

Hoping to explore bit more in the next few days :)

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differences between oz & uk


Main beer is carlton draught not fosters
Don't have ale
Basics means house spirit,beer etc
Oz have sheets blankets & doona (duvet)
Sweets are called lollies
When order a beer you get 3/4 pint
Green light at crossing ticks (like a bomb) instead of bleeps and when green man up cars turning left can drive at you but stop if there people crossing the road
Water proof money
If under 30oC aussies don't go to beach
They round money a lot - ie $2.99 they say $3 and you don't get any change.
Get a free glass of water when ordered food or drink in a bar
No money smaller then 5 cents.
2 dollar coin smaller then $1
50 cents massive coin - nickname pineapple as shaped like one.
When speaking they use southern and northern words from England.
They have same problem with Asian people as UK does polish
No longer have star bucks
WiFi is hard to get hold of - most bars don't have it
Meat is kangaroo
When ordering fish and chips get shark not fish
Not as politically correct ie building/shop says "holy sheet"
Accent pretty much same all over oz
Considered odd to tip in restaurant
Bottles of coke/pop fatter instead of taller & have more in them

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coming up to a week!

sunny 29 °C

Been at coffee palace hostel for 6 nights now and moved to habitat hq as had a free night to collect (got threw the visa company we used). Only 10 minute walk but bags stupidly heavy!

Got to hostel and they had upgraded us to a private room for free instead of the 6 dorm room orginally booked in for. Only one night but well happy. :) especially as noisy night last night with new room mate!

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