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Been here few days now :)

sunny 29 °C

Its been hot - around 28-30oC everyday! am very red but loving it.

Been watching national volleyball finals today :) brillant fun :D

Met up with some Australians few nights ago who were cool showed us some local bars and there different beers :D

Looking forward to getting last bits and bobs sorted (boring bits) and then can get some tours booked to start seeing what australia really made of.

Eaten Kangroo steak as well - CRAZY but nice :)

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First day in Australia


overcast 30 °C

Well what a flight!!! longest time of my life but managed to sleep around 8 hours, had 4 meals and got very bored!

Obviously got here safe :) but my head wont remember a thing, people talking at me and its just words - think im over tired.

we have looked around st kilda, the area of melbourne we are staying in and claire already red but im still a milk bottle - typical!

been hot (30oc) most of day with nice breeze but overcast but then few minutes ago a thunder storm came to get us! arghh! (we just got back to hostel in time to not get wet)

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Going to Australia Tomorrow


Well we are all packed and VERY excited!

Had a good day - said goobye to Jo, saw my mum, had chinese and played cards with Claire and her mum :)

Just want it to be tomorrow now though at 3pm getting on the train towards Heathrow! Then get to see my dad too!

Anyway Ill update again once in the land of Oz :)

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not long now :)

snow 0 °C

not long now until me and claire will be travelling for over 24 hours to get to australia.

have put most of what i want to take into my rucksack now and it comes ti 14kg but airline allows up to 23kg
so far so good but the little bits & bobs will prob weigh me down.

heavy on my back already though!!!

looking forward to going :)

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Last day of work!


I have finished work now :) only popping in for few hours on Wednesday.

It is starting to really hit home that only just over 2 weeks before I go :)

Also, booked the train tickets to get to Heathrow yesterday, I think that is the last thing that was outstanding to book.

Also saw the T&R lot for the last time this weeked, was really good to have a chance to say goodbye :)

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