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Its all about work!

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I have told work about going to Australia and that my flights are booked for 14/2/12! not long now until no more work!

I just hope that the next few weeks go fast so I can get my arse to Australia

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Everything is coming together :)

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Got the travel insurance booked tonight and the starter package booked too.

Should recieved confirmation soon of them both and that will be really exciting to see everything coming together :)

No turning back now :D

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Flights Booked!!!!!!

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Guy came back today and purchased my car! :( its gone :( - got to bike to work now :(
But the good news is this means we could book the flights. :) :) :) :)

Have just booked our flights to Australia!!!! Crazy scarey!

Everything is go go go! - less then 4 weeks we will be in australia! WARM! not cold like here!

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Getting Scared Now


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It has hit home to me that if my money worked out I could at a stretch get myself to Australia next month! - Wow that is a scarey thought!

Everything is changing this year
- Chelle is looking at getting new job down south/around the country
- Claire is now jobless (because of getting made redundant)
- Money is getting closer to be able to go!

I think I would be more comfortable to go in March-April time at the moment depending on when I can sell my car. I am just so looking forward to getting out of England especially when its rubbish windy and wet weather!

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Claire got made redundant


Just got the news from Claire that she is getting made redundant from her position within her job on 24/12/2011!

Not sure how we are going to move forward on this!

I just hope she can get herself a job and quick so we can both still go - but I no claire is talking about going to run a pub in England, going some where other then Australia, going to Australia on a different visa for less time and not working?

I guess I will have to wait and see what Claire decision is on her future

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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