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Living at Claires Parents House


Moved into Claire parents :)

savings can commence - hopefully see the savings pot increase now can put more wage into the pot which already has everything that was sold in the house which came to over a £1000 in total!!!

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Visa to go to Australia


Claire and I both got our visas sent off for online with visa bureau, confirmed, paid for, and accepted :) - means we have until September 2012 to go out to Australia - then once we enter country we have 1 year :) This is great news :D

We went for a working holiday visa - have to be under 30, can only work in one employer for 6months & have to have $5000AD with a return flight booked and $6000 without a return flight booked to get in country.

Means that saving is even more important for us to do now!

The visa bureau also gives discounts flights & insurance, 6 months free of fees for bank account and help with tax number etc. So this gives us a good start when we get to Australia.

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Thinking about missing my mates when i go away!


I went out with the T&R lot last night and made me think about who I was going to miss. Our little group meetings once a month are ace, but it is something I wont be able to do when I go away.

Then my thoughts went on to who else I would miss - family, friends in general - going to be weird!

Lucy (T&R) was talking to me about when she went to Australia - Sydney, and how ace it was - this got me thinking about doing more research into what I want to do when I get to Australia and the places i wanted to see.

Claire & I worked out that getting rid of our house and moving into her parents was the best thing to do to help us save money, with this in mind we had to use all of Oct 11 wage to pay ourselves out everything in the house - like the house insurance costed £75 to cancel - what a rob!

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Decision to go travelling

September 2011


We (Claire & I) decided to go travelling, we are very excited about going!

We have sold a lot already - x2 TV, chest freezer, laptop & brown wardrobes. It feels so much more real now the house is slowing getting empited. Claire parents have very nicely let us move into their house for next to nothing per month, this is great news!! Looking at moving in Oct 2011.

The biggest worry at the moment is not being able to sell everything in the house & not getting what we want for the stuff, especially the big things like the 2 sofas. I believe all this is part of the experience of being able to go travelling and I am so looking forward to it!

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