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Farm Work!

sunny 30 °C

Found a new place to try for farm work, however was in Emerald which is in Queensland so flew up there and realised that the hostel was actually a tin shed. amazes me that some people put up with that!

We quickly decided to exit Emerald ASAP and got flight to Brisbane. Once at Brisbane decided to stay there few days. Stayed in hostel in CBD as we did last time in Brisbane. love Brisbane so can't say minded staying there for while!

Got a bus that Costed $5.20 (about 3ish pounds) to My Coot-tha lookout which took bout 30 mins from Brisbane city. The view looked fantastic. Decided to walk down the "summit track" which leads to Botantic Gardens. The track was a rainforest walk ... whilst walking found some ants that were on steriods i swear and had green heads! Once got to Botantic Gardens had look round at different plants etc before heading back to city.

Went to street beach in evening, on way temp was 24 degrees and it was 8.30pm.

Got a Greyhound bus to Noosa where a friend from Stanthorpe apple picking is currently situated. Was cool to catch up and spent the day at Noosa main beach!
Bought a car Hyundai Excel. apparently a popular car out here. Farm work season starting to pick up so drove for 7 hours north of Melbourne to just outside Mildura called Red Cliffs. Hostel seems cool, girls in dorm are alright. even got a tv room outside dorm room with xbox 360 attached. very cool.

Mildura is in Victoria and is 20 minute drive from New South Wales. Went over the border to NSW to Gol Gol where there is James King Park which has a view over the Murray River.

Went to Red Cliff lookout which is only 10 minute drive from hostel and shows the red cliffs next to the Murray river, again nature is just so beautiful. whilst here it was 34 degrees and 5pm!

Took a trip to Wentworth which is in NSW. The town has a river junction between the Murray river and the Darling river. Was pretty and can see how the different colour rivers connect. Also went to Wentworth old goal which was very small compared to other prisons looked round. Lastly went to Perry sand hills which we climbed which finished the day off nicely.

Went to Hattah Kulkyna national park where saw wild kangaroos no further then few metres from the walkway. this was really cool.

Got told Monday night that starting work on Tuesday morning. The farm is over the border into New South Wales, in place called Dareton. The work we have been given is to pack Mulberries. Our hands are stained with mulberry juice already. Not sure how long this job goes on for, guess as long as fruit needs packing. The hostel we are staying at sorts the farm work out for you as it is a working hostel so hopefully should find us work after this job finishes.

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Exploring Victoria

I have continued my adventure and exploring of south Victoria with the help of Cass :)

Cass took us to Phillips Island which is about an hour ish drive from Pakenham, where she from. Went to main town there called Cowe. Got to drive back, first time driving in Australia, felt so cool!

Just had an appointment with Vic Roads who have accepted me to have an international driving licence, which means I can drive if I stay for longer then a year.

but at moment biggest battle is finding farm work that will let me stay another year. went to Adelaide .. a place called Barossa Valley. Was so beautiful there but the work got pushed back 4 weeks so decided to rent a car and drive back to Melbourne. The drive took bout 9 hours and was around 700 ish km. I did this journey in one day as the Australians would as otherwise it would take to long to get anywhere. Was cool drive as Adelaide is quite dry and Melbourne is quite wet was interesting to see
the difference in the colour of the plants.

I guess this is the problem with farm work it is hard to get a good job that pays okay because they always another backpacker will do it if you refuse. The other issue is a lot of the farm work is in the country so much it takes 10 hours to get there and public transport is hard to come by and therefore not very often. This is why looking at buying a car because this could increase our chances.

Buying a car out here is interesting:-
1) need rego which is like our tax disc and costs around $700 a year. (about 500pounds)
2) need a road worthy certificate which is like our MOT
3) If want to buy car from dealership have to have an australian licence
4) need to buy car in same state as licence otherwise have to transfer registration to other state which is money and paper work.
5) stamp duty on amount of car which is 4%
6) $22 charge to swap ownership.

Went up to Healesville and Cass drove us on the black spur which is a very bendy road but the trees are so crazy tall but it is just amazing. Also stopped at Maroondah dam which again was so beautiful. These are the places that make me love Australia as much as I do. On this trip went to Marysville which is one of many places which got destroyed by bush fires 4/5 years maybe longer ago. You can see how the place was effected and still getting built back up. The trees in some areas are black where they burnt in that terrific fire. The worse part is knowing people died here and there route to escape was the road journey we had done which would of been close to impossible in them conditions.

Drove to Brighton which is along the coastline, very posh place on all accounts. mainly big rocks but still cool place. Then drove further down the coast to Chelsea beach which i think have mentioned in previous blog.

Drove to place called Sale which had a beautiful lake ...amazes me how much of this country amazes me, its so beautiful!

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More Adventures in Brisbane and Melbourne

Flew from Perth to Brisbane where spent around a week to finish the few things off that didn't get chance to do last time we were in Brisbane.

Whilst in Brisbane went to the Australia zoo which is in a place called Beerwah. This is the best zoo I've ever been to by far! It was massive and took a whole day to get round. Even got the chance to feed an elephant out of my hand, which felt like a wet hoover is prob the best way to describe it, was so cool! Also got to watch the zoo keepers feeding a crocodile metres away from where I was Sat - epic!

Also whilst in Brisbane went to the Castlemaine XXXX Brewery tour and saw how the beer was made and packaged and more importantly got to pour my own drink within the beer tasting element of the tour.

Have to say Brisbane is a very beautiful city and has some cool ideas such as a street beach which is man made due to being inland so not having a beach resort. Next to the street beach there is a man made rain forest that can walk through. Brisbane just like to set the seen of beauty and it certainly works! Even in the middle of Brisbane winter we got a sun tan, this is a lot better then English winter thats for sure.

Now back in Melbourne, not such nice weather, but now technically in the beginning of spring so weather can only get better :) Been exploring more of Victoria through other Australian contacts that we now know, so a big thank you to them!

Went to Cheslea beach which is a little way south of Melbourne itself. Beautiful beach ...one thing I will never get bored of :)

Went to the Science Works Museum in Spotswood which is a quick train away from Melbourne. This museum also had a Wallis and Gromit area which entertained us for hours! Big kids really!!!

Also got driven to Mount Dandenong to the Sky High. Even driving there was amazing, bendy roads with massive trees either side. Once got there the view was brilliant, this country is just so beautiful...problem is your camera can never capture the detail and heart stopping views that Ive seen here :( but of course i still tried :) On the way home from Sky High went for drink in Belgrave which was a cool little place.

Went to Warburton --- no they dont make bread!!! --- which has a cute river running through it...again so beautiful...the water comes from the snow melting in the mountains, thats right Australia does get snow, but just very high up places.

It has been really nice to see Australian houses as they are normally lived in and not staged hostels etc, shows the real Australian lifestyle which is interesting. Some of the places I have seen have been in what I would call the Bush, out in the sticks and mud roads not concrete (amazing views from here and also get wild Wallabies and Kangaroos in their front garden!) and other houses I have seen are in a big village/small town.

If you got through that essay of a blog then well done!!! Catch up soon :) x

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Perth Adventure :)

Perth is beautiful no doubt about it :)

started by staying in leedersville which is around 6 mins from Perth city for few nights before heading to beach resorts for while. went to cottlesloe beach which was beautiful ...had white sand and blue sea threw water :) then went to scarborough beach, further up the coast which was more built up then cottlesloe but still amazing.

The transport from Scarborough was not great so headed back to leedersville as this has good access to most transport links.

went to Perth zoo which was a 5-10 minute ferry ride over swan river, which runs through the middle of Perth city. had an elephant walk past no more then a metre away from where was walking, crazy experience.

also went to fremantle, which is a little harbour town. It had an old prison which closed in 1991, crazy to have history within my life time! The conditions that prisoners had to live in was disgusting as they didn't have a toilet only a red bucket to share in the cell. eventually there was a riot in 1988 which showed the community the standard of living so the prison was shut down. Interesting fact is that fremantle asked England for prisoners to higher number to build the town up so wasn't all England sending prisoners. Also funny that they have a church which even now can get married in.

Went to The Mint in Perth cbd which is where the gold nuggets that had mined would be melted into coins or bars. watched a guy melt the gold and then pour it into a bar. gold turns into liquid at 1064 degrees and sets in mintues. also got to learn about the building and living conditions.

The best view was at Kings park which overlooks the swan river and Perth cbd - amazing :) beautiful day to sit and admire the scenery too.

Took a ferry to Rottnest Island, named after rat nest because first person to discover island thought the quokka was a rat. we hired bikes and went for adventure around the island, took bout 2 hours to get round the whole island and on way seeing some amazing views and of course paddling in the cystral clear water.

Only couple of weeks in Perth as more for quick hoilday and adventure then to stick around but was a cool couple of weeks. Now in brisbane.

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welcome to perth

sunny 21 °C

Melbourne settled life came to the end due to Bupa temporary assignment finished early July so a mate that met from work called Gayle let us move in to her flat to save on rent outgoings.

Gayle's boyfriend, who is Australian, took the 3 of us to his hometown of Castlemaine which is hour and half drive north from Melbourne. This was a cute little town where in the 1850 there was the gold rush. Went to soverign hill where can see how the staff in the gold rush lived and also went into a miners tunnel to feel how they had to work. Also got chance to sieve for gold, however didn't find any :(

Once got back from Castlemaine applied for lots of jobs and also did a RSA which stands for responsible service of alcohol which you have to complete course and test to get. Once had this certificate can legally work within a bar and serve drinks. However Melbourne didn't have a lot of job offers so decided to go to Perth to explore a new city. Took plane this time as previous travels via trains were eventful! Only took 4 ish hours which is like a baby flight for us now.

First day here, but blue skies and 21 degrees so this is more like the Australian weather I signed up for, looking forward to winter ending and summer coming :)

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